We all want to feel more confident. We all want to cultivate more self love.

And yet we all struggle with it. Why?

Because we’re human, and we’re built to be critical, judgemental and evaluative. It’s actually one of our superpowers. But the problem is, we turn those superpowers in on ourselves and use them to tear ourselves down.

We look at all the places in our lives where we could be doing better. We see our potential for growth and for self-improvement, and we get down on ourselves for not being there already. We measure ourselves up and we despair at how far we’re falling short of our unreal expectations.

But here’s the thing –

Nothing that you do, or don’t do, nothing that you achieve or don’t achieve, nothing that you change about yourself or don’t, is ever going to make you more, or less worthy of love.

You are worthy of love, right now.

Exactly as you are.

And waiting until you get that promotion, or lose that weight, or learn that new skill, or find true love, is only wasted time.

Time you could have spent loving yourself and enjoying the incredible person that you are.

But what’s the secret? How do you practice self love?

You choose it. Every single freakin’ day. And you keep on choosing it, no matter what.

When you look in the mirror, and you hear that voice telling you that you need to lose 5 more kilos, tell it to get bent, and choose to say something loving to yourself instead.

When someone gives you a compliment and you feel yourself wanting to brush it off or shrink away in embarrassment, choose to open and let the love in.

And when you’re running yourself into the ground at work, skipping meals and frying your adrenals with stress and overload, choose to take a fucking lunch break and a well deserved time out.

Sure, it’s not easy, but it’s what needs to be done.

Self love is like a muscle – you have to exercise it. No one’s going to swoop into your life and magically make you love yourself, just like no one is going to magically swoop in and give you rock hard abs.

So stop waiting for them to.

You have to choose self love, and then do it.

Sure, you’ll stuff it up. You’ll do things completely unaligned with your self love mantra. You’ll fall off the self-love bandwagon. You’ll forget about the self love promises that you made and you’ll start talking trash about your ass again.

But that’s ok.

When you finally notice what you’re doing, stop. Be proud that you noticed, forgive yourself for being human, and start choosing self love all over again.

Self love is not a destination. It’s a process.

And it starts right here, right now.

So go on, go love yourself.

Because you’re more than worth it.




Hi, I’m Jodie. A life, love and sexual empowerment coach. I work with women and couples to help them create the lives, love and sex they’ve always wanted. More love, more passion, more pleasure and more fulfilment. Read more about me here.