Your Primal Essence

Get the Confidence, Clarity & Sexual Mastery

You Need to Create the Life, Intimacy & Sex

You Deeply Desire


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Hi, we’re Reece & Jodie.

We help men, women & couples unleash their Primal Essence for hotter sex, deeper intimacy & radical personal transformation.

What is Your Primal Essence?

yɔr prayməl ɛsəns

Your Individual Life Force Energy

Your Embodied Masculine & Feminine

The Energy Unleashed In Mind-Blowing Sex

Your Primal Essence is an integrated approach to personal development, relationships and sex. Because sex isn’t something separate to life and love – it’s the very core.

Unleashing Your Primal Essence means stepping out into the world as the person you truly are. It means living as your most powerful, potent and radiant self. It means igniting your sexuality and using it to fuel every single part of your life.

It’s about discovering deeper levels of pleasure and sexual ecstasy. It’s about breaking through the barriers that hold you back from real, authentic, soul-stirring connections with others. It’s about creating the life you want.

And it all starts with you.

Right here. Right now.

Welcome to Your Primal Essence.

We believe it’s every individual’s birthright to live openly, vibrantly and free of sexual shame. We believe in the power of radical honesty in transforming the way we authentically relate to ourselves and one another.

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The Slippery Slope of Sexual Consent (part 1)

The Slippery Slope of Sexual Consent (part 1)

We teach some pretty whack things when it comes to sex, sexuality and sexual consent. Some of which might actually seem harmless – but is it? How are we all, as men AND women contributing to ‘rape culture’? And what does empowered consent actually look like?

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