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About Jodie

The short story...

Hi, I’m Jodie. A life, love and sexual empowerment coach. I work with women and couples to help them create the lives, love and sex they’ve always wanted. More love, more passion, more pleasure and more fulfilment.


Because right now, a lot of us feel like we’re struggling.


We push ourselves through exhaustion, through stress and overwork, and it wreaks havoc on our bodies and spirit. We talk smack about our bodies, judge and hold ourselves back. We long for more – more confidence, more connection, more fulfilling sex – but we’re not sure how to create it. We long to express our deep sensuality, our innate sexual nature, but instead we feel shame, fear, or totally out of touch. And we’ve become so good at being independent-power-women that we’ve forgotten how to be truly vulnerable and connected with ourselves, our sisters, and our intimate lovers.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m here to help you live in alignment with Your Primal Feminine Essence – so you can live in harmony with your body and be your most vibrant and energised self. So you can harness your feminine gifts and create a life rich with meaning and fulfillment. So you can reinvigorate your intimate relationships and live with more love and deep connection. So you can live a sexually empowered life, with more passion, sensuality and pleasure.   So that we can all live as the women we came here to be.   Want to be a part of it? Join my mailing list, and you’ll get access to my latest blogs, my best life, love and sex tips, and extra special offers that only my mailing list peeps get.

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The long story...

With tears streaming down my face, I pulled the front door closed behind me. I threw the last of my things into the back seat of my three door hatchback, climbed into the front, and sat staring down at my shaking hands on the steering wheel.


Here I am.


Another relationship ended. Another failure. Add it to the list.

But what the fuck was I doing? This was my decision. 5 years with a man who I still deeply loved, and I was walking away.

My mind tumbled over itself, trying desperately to piece my life back together again. It bargained, it cajoled, it threatened and pleaded – all its best tricks to stop me making that sickening lurch into the unknown. There was still time to change my mind. I could walk back inside, say we’d give it another a go, try to do things differently. I didn’t have to throw it all away.

I felt like I was going to throw up.

Instead, I took a long, slow breath, turned the key in the ignition, and reversed out of the driveway. And as I drove away from the longest relationship I had ever known and into uncertainty, somehow I knew, deep in my belly – I was doing the right thing.

A few years later, I look back at that afternoon as one of the defining moments of my life. Knowing what I know now, I didn’t really have to leave. I could have done the work to transform our relationship, tried to reignite the passion that had faded in our later years, rekindled the relationship with my feminine self that was yearning so deeply for time and attention.

But I didn’t know what I know now. I didn’t know how to shift out of the rut I had fallen into. I didn’t know how to break through the walls that had built up between my partner and I. And I didn’t know how to become the woman I knew I was meant to be.

Not that I regret my decision to leave. Far from it. I wouldn’t have met the man of my wet dreams, embarked on this incredible journey of empowerment, or started a business working with women and couples. It’s just that I didn’t know how to start on that journey without tearing my life apart first – and it didn’t have to be that way.

What I didn’t know was this – it wasn’t him that was the problem. It was me. I was dissatisfied with my relationship because I was dissatisfied with me. I was out of touch with myself. I was out of touch with my feminine. I had swept whole areas of my sexuality under the carpet only to have them resurface in unconscious and toxic ways. I was sabotaging my relationship and my own feminine power, but I couldn’t see it. Not until it built up to such a degree that it seemed insurmountable.

And so I ran away, like I had done so many times before. That was my pattern. In some ways it kept me safe – it protected me from ever entering into a space of real vulnerability with another person. It protected me from baring it all – my light and my shadows – and from being totally witnessed as who I truly am.

The problem? That’s also what I wanted in a relationship. That’s WHY it scared me so much.

We’re always scared to reach for what our heart most desires.

And so something had to change. I could make the same promises to myself like I always did at the end of a relationship – this time, I’m going to spend time on me, do the inner work , get to know myself – but then just fall into another relationship and play out the same patterns as before.

Or I could actually DO it. Take the leap. Listen to the inner calling, and create something better for myself.

And that’s what I did.

I started to explore my sexuality.

I started to explore my body. My orgasm. My vagina. My cycle. My feminine essence. My relationship with sex and how I felt about it.

By day I taught Japanese to high school students (I was a teacher for 3 years), but in my spare time I studied eastern sexology, the female body, sexual healing methods and feminine spiritual practices. I took online courses, read books and articles, undertook therapy and various workshops. I journalled, meditated, yoga-ed and masturbated.

At the same time, I started seeing Reece (my now fiancé and coaching partner), which quickly became a passionate love affair. It was the last thing I was looking for, as is so often the case, and yet it would become the most profound relationship of my life (read more about us here). With Reece, I discovered a totally new way of being with a person. I learnt the power of polarity and my own feminine surrender, experienced new levels of orgasmic bliss, and discovered a deeper capacity for love and being loved. I broke through old relationship patterns, released old triggers and wounds, and learnt just what an incredible force for creativity and growth a relationship could be.

And for the first time in my relationship history, I was putting myself first. My journey, my sexuality, my truth. And I was sharing it, in full vulnerability, with another.

But it wasn’t just my sexuality and intimate relationship that transformed – I was seeing changes in every area of my life.

(That’s the magic of sexual empowerment – it doesn’t just transform your sex-life, it transforms your WHOLE life).

I was able to enjoy expressing my feminine radiance without being motivated by the need for men’s attention or held back by old sexual trauma, like I had been for many years.

I built new friendships with women and enjoyed a deep sense of sisterhood that hadn’t been possible for me before.

I set new boundaries at work that helped create ease and flow, and more space for work-life balance.

I felt feminine, sexy and divine instead of tired, dried-up and numb. I felt like I was becoming more of the woman I wanted to be.

And the deeper I went, the more I realised how powerful the knowledge I had learnt could be for other women. I’ve always worked in the social sector – from disability support to fundraising, politics to teaching – but what feels most important and authentic to me now is sharing what I have learnt with others.

Because I’ve known so many women who have felt like I did. That they weren’t living their full potential. That somehow, they were holding some of their radiance back. That there were areas of their sexuality left unexplored and forgotten. That they were settling for less than what their heart truly desired.

Perhaps you know what I’m talking about.

I’ve seen through my own personal journey and the journeys of my clients, how powerful igniting Your Primal Feminine Essence can be.

It’s the last frontier – the last area of personal growth we dare venture into.

And yet it’s the most powerful.

Your Primal Essence has the potential to change your life.

If you let it.

And I’m all about showing you how.


You can embark on this journey now. You don’t have to wait until you reach crisis point, until you’re single, or your relationship is on the rocks, or until you find ‘The One’. You can take the radical step and prioritise yourself, now. Your sexuality, your pleasure and Your Primal Feminine Essence.

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