The (in)Complete Crazy-Woman Cure-All

Guys, is your partner suffering from a bout of “crazy woman”?

There seems to be certain archetypal forces that can play out in a woman’s behaviour in long-term relationships. It’s a common narrative impacting the lives of couples and a dynamic worth exploring in greater detail.

Let’s paint the picture:

Maybe she’s feeling emotionally volatile and totally incapable of being reasonable or rational? Maybe she’s showing up as the chronic nagger, or the wild, erratic mood-swinger. Perhaps it’s the ball-busting bitch, or the stick-up-the-ass killjoy? Then there’s the cold, withdrawn ice-queen, the super-staunch control freak, or the needy little girl who stamps her foot when she doesn’t get her way.

Maybe she can see she’s doing it and doesn’t know how to stop. Or maybe she’s so lost in it that you’re the only one who’s noticing.

And you HAVE noticed – she just doesn’t seem like the woman you fell in love with. And that realisation hurts. It can be painful and confusing to see when she’s just not shining the big, bright, beautiful light of her full potential and expression.

So what’s a guy to do?

If you’re in a relationship with a woman displaying any of the above mentioned symptoms, don’t despair. There is a cure – and it’s possibly the most awesome cure you could imagine:

Fuck her.

And when I say fuck her, I mean really fuck her.

Show up as the man she needs most right now. Come to her in loving, devoted service… and fuck her brains out.


Do whatever it takes for her to experience the most mind-altering, earth-shattering, soul-melting sex she’s ever had.

And do it with love.

Love her with full conscious clarity.

And love her with wild primal abandon.

Love the absolute shit out of her.

Love her with a passion and intensity that melts away all resistance and fear.

And love her so hard that she’s left a quivering mess and can’t remember her name.


This is probably going to take some work on your part. There’s a tonne of courage and vulnerability needed to temporarily put your own hurts aside and really show up for her. To be that pillar of strength and support she needs.

And it might also take a few extra skills.


So what will it take?

  • You’ll need to do the personal inner work that allows you to show up fully present, and allows her to feel safe enough to let go and explore the full range of her erotic potential.
  • Ask her what she wants and what makes her feel good, while also having the courage to try new things and lead her into new experiences.
  • Become a master of dirty talk. Learning the art of engaging her mind will assist you in unlocking her infinite orgasmic potential.
  • Cultivate both the skills and confidence to lead her into deep, immersive trance states where profound healing can occur.
  • Engage all of her senses while activating others she never knew she had.
  • Learn how to really rock her clitoris with skill, flair and finesse (fingering and oral are artforms!)
  • But don’t stop there – her clit is just the tip of the iceberg. Commit to discovering her entire pleasure anatomy, how to arouse it and activate it.
  • Support her in waking up her G-Spot and Anterior Fornix to get her vaginally orgasmic.
  • Learn what you can do to help her feel safe and loved so she can open into the transformative pleasure power of Cervical orgasms.
  • Become a virtuoso in playing the exquisite instrument that is her entire erotic bodymind.
  • And do whatever it takes to cultivate your own sexual stamina to withstand her repeated orgasmic onslaughts. (One orgasm is not enough! If she can still string sentences together, keep going)


Why would you do this?

(as if you need a reason)

Because a profound transformation occurs in women who experience this kind of wild, primal pleasure on a regular basis. A ‘Well Fucked Woman’ (a term coined by the fabulous Kim Anami) will show up in your relationship in a whole new way.

She’ll be more radiant and joyful

On a purely biological level, sex releases all of those delicious feel-good hormones and neuro-chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin that are vital to her wellbeing. (I’m convinced an active and vigorous sex life is one of the key components to combatting depression.)

She’ll be more emotionally balanced

By encouraging her to let go and surrender into sexual ecstasy, she gets to explore extremes of feeling in a healthy and beneficial way. This has a ‘smoothing out’ effect on her emotional psyche and temperament. She’ll emerge from these ecstatic states calmed yet energised.

She’ll be more confident

There’s nothing quite as powerful as peak sexual experiences to re-affirm her belief in herself and make her feel capable of tackling any problem that comes her way. Transformational sex will reinforce a healthy sense of self and initiate potent flow-on effects in all areas of her life.

She’ll be more loving

Sharing these profound sexual highs together creates a powerful bonding effect. A tangible outcome will be a deepening of her desire and re-affirming of her commitment to you and your relationship.

She’ll want even more sex

Once ignited, a woman’s sexual appetites and desires are voracious, and near infinite. Consciously creating this space to allow her full sexual expression gives her permission to open up a Pandora’s Box of pleasure and will leave her wanting more. Be aware that a woman awakened in this way may just realise an appetite you struggle to match.


While it’s crucial to understand the importance of sexual fulfilment for a woman’s mental health and wellbeing, this is of course not the whole truth.

There are many reasons your partner may be displaying symptoms of being chronically under-fucked.

If there is distance between you and your partner, it’s probably not as simple as just having more sex. You need to put in the effort to create the trust and intimacy necessary for a healthy relational framework. Remember also that relationship is a co-creation – how you show up and what you bring to it is just as important and worth examining.

But I’m purposefully oversimplifying the point here to highlight just how important sex is. We too often underestimate the value of sex in our long-term relationships, and for our mental and emotional health. We do so at our peril.

Also be aware that your woman might not be able to articulate what the true problem is – a deep yearning for sexual pleasure, radical intimacy and wild abandon. Unfortunately it’s still uncommon for women to be plugged into this power source. And without this experience, she has no frame of reference with which to convey her needs.

So if you find yourself wondering where the joyful, radiant woman you first fell in love with has gone, ask what you can do to support her in unleashing the fullness of her Primal Essence.

Prioritise your commitment to expanding your sexual education, and commit to frequent, high-quality sex.

It might not be the complete cure-all for crazy-woman syndrome, but you’re both sure to have a lot of fun trying!


Hi, I’m Reece, I support men in connecting with and embodying their authentic Masculine expression. I’m not interested in pushing dogmas or ideologies about what it means to be a man. I want you to be the man you most want to be, and live the life you most want to live – whatever that looks like for you. Radical honesty, vulnerability and self-validation are my tools. If you’re interested, you can learn more about me here, or if you want to discuss anything that’s going on for you, you can make contact here.