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About Us…


We’re Reece and Jodie. We’re life, sex and relationship coaches, but first and foremost, we’re lovers. Together we help people unlock their Primal Essence to create the lives, love and sex they’ve always wanted. Reece works one-on-one with men, Jodie with women, and together we coach couples. As relationship coaches, we help couples to create deep connection, mind-blowing sex and intense life-long passion – the kinds of relationships we deeply yearn for but sometimes can’t quite make a reality.

We haven’t always been relationship experts though. Before we met each other we had our fair share of relationships gone bad. Not the ‘we hate each other and we’re never speaking again’ kind of bad, more like the slow-and-heartwrenching-death kind. Where connection becomes complication, the sex dries up, and hot fiery passion becomes barely lukewarm.

But this relationship has been different. Radically different. Together we’ve found a level of intimacy neither of us had ever known but always hoped was possible. Wild, intense passion and attraction is our norm, alongside deep authenticity and radical honesty. And to say we’re satisfied with our sex life would be the understatement of the century. Maybe the millennia.


It’s been a pretty incredible journey so far. We’ve travelled the world, from Indonesia to India, Spain to Turkey. We’ve studied Tantric Yoga, Taoist Sexual Kung Fu (it’s not as violent as it sounds) and undertaken a whole lot of informal study to work out what makes each other tick. We’ve spent over 6 months apart and mastered the art of long distance relationship (Skype sex and sexting FTW). And we’ve spent literally every moment together (excluding toilet breaks and walking into another room) for weeks on end without driving each other crazy.

It hasn’t always been easy – no intimate relationship ever is – but we can both say, with deep, heartfelt sincerity, that this relationship is the most incredible thing we’ve ever created.

And we really have created it – sculpted it, shaped it, consciously worked at it every step of the way. Because big love doesn’t happen by accident. It’s something you choose.

But mere intention isn’t enough. Creating the relationship that we both always dreamed of has taken time, energy and resources. We’ve sought out the knowledge and specific tools, honed our techniques and skills, and embarked on the deep inner work needed to make our dream relationship a reality. And along the way we’ve gathered all that we believe we need to make this our reality for the rest of our lives.

And for yours, too.

Because everyone deserves mind-blowing sex and incredible intimacy.

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