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About Reece

Hey guys, I’m Reece, I support Men plugging into the power of their Primal Masculine Essence.

Wtf is that?

It’s who you are as a Man. It’s the authentic truth and uncompromising presence that shines through when you’re deeply connected to the creative power of your cock and balls.

Did that make you squirm? Make you feel uncomfortable?

Does it sound confronting?

It was for me when I first started tapping into this aspect of myself. It’s a power so rarely acknowledged in our culture, and when it is spoken of, it’s something we’re taught to hide away and be deeply ashamed of. But the more I learn how to access and harness this powerful masculinity, the more it transforms my entire life.



When we’re disconnected from this power we feel stuck and stagnant, unsure of what we want or how to get it. We stay in jobs that bore us at best, and destroy our souls at worst. We settle for relationships that fulfill the bare minimum of connection because we don’t value ourselves enough to want or ask for something more. And we tolerate mediocre intimacy because we’re too scared to stand strong in our needs and sexual desires. We lie about who we really are, what we really feel, and pretend to be something we’re not. We use women and sex to fulfill the need for connection, and consume pornography to numb the pain of disconnection. We feel incredible anxiety about our sexual performance and ability to satisfy women. We avoid meaningful connections with other men because we see vulnerability as weakness and fear judgement and social rejection.  We castrate our sexuality and become ‘nice guys’ in the desperate hope that women will notice and appreciate us. Or conversely we’re hyper-masculine ‘Alpha’s’ who treat women as objects, wonder why they see us as assholes, and are forever engaged in a never ending battle of the sexes. And in those rare moments we’re brutally honest with ourselves and actually stop and acknowledge any of this? We feel deeply ashamed for not being stronger, more capable, more in control. For not having our shit sorted.

Does any of this sound familiar…?

Underneath all this desperation, fear and inner turmoil, is what I believe to be one of the most destructive conditionings all men inherit:


Be A Man.


and what does that even mean?

We are fed such a confusing mess of contradictions, half-truths, lies and misinformation on what Being A Man actually is that it’s no wonder so many of us feel lost, isolated, confused and totally unsure of how to be ourselves in the world.

So what does it mean to you, to Be A Man?

I’m calling total bullshit on all the ways we’re taught to Be A Man and measure our worth as Men.

Because the truth is there is no Ideal Man. No standard that if we could only live up to we would be the Perfect Man.


The real Perfect Man? The only one that actually exists?

It’s the one already inside us…

Who is it that you want to be?


Who is it that you already are?



I’m not a guru, not some enlightened master dispensing advice from on high. I’m still very much on my own path of self-mastery. I have however learnt a bunch of cool stuff over the past 20 years of self-development work that has helped me significantly in gaining access to my own powerful sense of masculinity, and I want to share those tools with you. Because I want you to share your own unique masculine gifts with the world.


I want to help you reclaim your potency as a sexual man

No longer crippled by sexual shame or insecurities, or castrated by the demonisation of your sexual power. Our sex is our life force and creative potential, and harnessed in the correct way, it has the power to nourish and power every aspect of our lives.


I want to help you live your life at your edge

Because that’s where the magic happens. It’s not about overachieving or competitive success – trying to fill a hole of lack or not good enough. But rather living in that space where thrill and exhilaration inspires and powers us forward. Where we push ourselves gently but firmly through fear and anxiety, and into new levels of possibility. We are capable of so much more than we believe, if only we dare to dream and take inspired action.


I want to help you be a man of your word

In total alignment with your truth, and honest in your communication and behaviour. So many of us are scared of ourselves. We’re scared of that little voice in our hearts that quietly whispers our deepest desires. We feel scared because we’re afraid of stepping up and failing, and scared of losing our freedom if we’re accountable for our actions. The paradox is that by accepting the responsibility of our heart’s desire, and taking action, we become free. The weight of responsible action actually sets us free.


I want to help you master your intimate relationships

There’s no such thing as the ‘honeymoon phase’. That level of attraction, intimacy and sexual chemistry we experience during the initial stages of a relationship? It’s available to us all. the. time. The smallest efforts can totally revolutionise how we interact with our partner and have a massive impact on the level of love and openness we experience. And your intimate relationship has the ability to transform your relationship with the entirety of life. Open up and fuck life more profoundly by opening up and fucking your woman more profoundly.


I want to help you navigate and master your internal landscape

We’ve come a long way in allowing and expressing our emotions. But there’s further to go. Many of us still feel the burden of always needing to be strong and in control. The paradox is that it’s only through the open expression of our deepest vulnerabilities and insecurities that we tame and befriend the dark shadows of our psyches. True strength is born of looking ourselves square in the eye, and having the courage to love what we see.


I want to help you be a force for loving women fiercely and unapologetically

Because women are not the enemy, and being in competition serves no one. When we harness our masculine strength in service of the feminine, we move beyond the old paradigms of fear, repression and subjugation, and begin to heal the rift that has severed us for so long. By creating a space where women feel safe to be vulnerable, open and expressive of their most exquisitely surrendered selves, we are gifted with the power of their deep feminine radiance. And when we stand side by side, grounded in our own Primal Essence,  we create a new world.


I want to help you create a powerful sense of brotherhood

We cannot do this work alone. It’s fucking hard, and painful, and joyous, and uplifting. The breaking open, the laying aside of the armor, the falling over and getting back up again – this journey is a constant experiment in course-correction. The power of brotherhood is the power of accountability; by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we receive support and nurturing when we stumble, gain valuable feedback about our blind spots, and are served ruthless compassion on our path to mastery.


I want to see more men engaged in becoming their most powerful, authentic and loving selves

And I want to see that confidence and inner fire spread out through our relationships and communities. The world needs more strong, vulnerable, wise and courageous men leading the way… and I want to support you in being one of them.



If you’re feeling inspired and want to reach out, or if there’s something on your mind or in your heart you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you. Use the form below to send a message and I’ll get back to you.

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